BOOK REVIEW: Bringing Christ to the World Through THE MASS
"A Spiritual Masterpiece!"


     Brent Heyer has written a spiritual masterpiece about the enormous benefits of the Mass and Holy Eucharist. There is such a great need today for every Catholic and each person to realize this before they leave this life.

     Jesus Christ wants you to be His eternal best friend here on earth as well as in heaven. Brent eloquently explains while exhorting us to daily encounter the Most Holy Trinity at the Mass. As Daily Communicants, Daily Receivers of The Living Word of God in Sacred Scripture and Jesus' Body Blood, Soul, and Divinity, He infuses us into His Life.

     Brent’s book on the Mass is filled with inspirations and unique terms from the title of his book to the title his ministry, Daily Apostle, to his humble work as a Soul Saver. His main focus is on the Mass and Holy Eucharist, and he helps readers understand the great gift Catholics have in the Real Presence of Jesus under the appearance of bread and wine at Mass. He stresses the need to do everything in the name of Jesus, that Emmanuel is truly in our midst, and that the Kingdom of God is at Hand. He is here now!

     I cannot imagine a better title than the one chosen by Brent, as inspired by God just before he was ready to publish his book on the Mass, Bringing Christ to the World Through THE MASS. Brent brings to the world, a book that will teach many people there is no greater prayer than the Mass and no greater presence of Jesus Christ in the world than the Holy Eucharist. After reading his book, it is clear that The Mass is not something that Catholics made up; it comes to us from Jesus and the Apostles so Jesus can stay with us until the end of time. We do not go to Mass just for ourselves. We worship the Most Holy Trinity, Three in One Divinity at every Mass. The Mass is how God wants to be worshiped.

     By his websites and by obtaining his Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat from Cardinal Ricardo J. Vidal of the Philippines, Brent has already reached more people overseas than he could have reached if he had kept it as just a local publication.

     Brent resides in the Lansing area. He used to live in the Archdiocese of Detroit. He wrote a book on sports prior to his conversion. He now leads efforts to save babies in the womb, he helps the poor and others rejected by the world, and he transports those who are needy. By his daily presence in our churches and his outreach, he has shown more courage to stand up for Jesus Christ and our Catholic faith than most of us put together. It is by standing up in small matters that each of us prepares to give our very life if God wills it. Brent shows a constant hunger for God and cannot get enough of Him. He helps many realize this is what they are searching for when he speaks or through his writings.

     His book will help you fall in love with the Mass. He includes many quotes from the Saints, Pope Benedict XVI and others. You will find yourself often remembering his insights and quotes, especially when you participate in Mass, daily if possible. Brent has much excitement for the Catholic faith, a deep love for the BlessedTrinity, tremendous devotion to Our Blessed Mother, and trust in Holy Mother Church. Brent is a great speaker on the Mass and Holy Eucharist.

 - John Beutler, Marian Peace Center of Lansing

     You can order a book directly from Daily Apostle, P.O. Box 135, Williamston, MI 48895-0135 for $25 suggested donation (includes S & H) which also supports his ministry. For more information, see: and   

Following are some sample quotes from Brent contained in his book: Bringing Christ to the World Through THE MASS:

     Offer the Lord God homage by frequently assisting at the Holy Mass “The Mystery of Love and Mercy. Jesus gives us Himself through his Sacred Species in the Holy Eucharist: Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity!

     Upon awaking I prayerfully prepare to meet the God who gives me life. As I drive to behold the Living God within His Church I am consumed. As I am fed from the Table of the Word, the Sacred Scriptures, I am supernaturally enlightened ready to be nourished at the Lord’s Table. Knowing that you are praying to, worshiping before, directly praising, and walking down the aisle to the Living God allows one to become an instrument of salvation to the ends of the earth. God’s Reign of Eucharistic Love stretches into eternity.

     Receiving Jesus the Savior of the world in Holy Communion as Food for Eternal Life allows you to do the Will of God and finish His work. Receiving Jesus in Holy Communion is beyond being kissed by the Son of Man. Universal Bread of Life. Cup of Eternal Salvation. Hope of all Christendom. The Holy Eucharist is the Immeasurable Gift of God for the Life of the world! Jesus is the fulfillment of your soul's deepest desire.

     Daily Apostles are sentinels of the Holy Eucharist who glorify God each morning bringing our Lord Jesus Christ, His risen life, His powerful presence, and Spirit to the world. His love flows in and through the hearts of His children for the Holy Spirit reaches out of us into everyone we meet to light their wick of faith and love. The Divine Liturgy is the highest form of adoration. Christ’s followers radiate joy hearts aflame with eternal gratitude. Although sadness floods our soul at the instant of Jesus Crucifixion His redeeming blood will continue to pour into the chalice at Holy Masses until the last soul has union with Him.

     Daily Apostles draw their strength from the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The sun is an icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Sunrise is the consecration elevation. The afternoon sun at three is the doxology. Sunset is Holy Communion. Night is His hidden remaining presence towards the rising sun.

     Unleash the power of the Holy Spirit. Co-Redeem in Christ. Live your faith fully. Share intimately in the Resurrection. Empower others to experience Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament; provide them with opportunities to utilize their time, talent, treasure to build the Kingdom. Release an ocean of grace through fellowship along the spiritual journey. Strive to preserve the Sacred Tradition of Faith.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful work of spirituality with us.

May God continue to bless you in your mission.

Gene and Kay Palinski